About Me

Hey there! Welcome to my blog!

I am Karen Grace “Kaece” for my friends, a 23-year-old Filipina who lives in London, United Kingdom. A young lady who is in the process of discovering the world through her own eyes, I know it can get chaotic or demoralizing but I’m a firm believer that God is always in control of everything.

I stumbled upon this WordPress years ago when I was looking for a space where I could share my journey in life. Not gonna hide it from you guys, but I actually wanted to write about what I was going through at that time. I just felt the need to write about it because I had the feeling that I was taking a big chunk of time from my friends who did nothing but listened, advised and encouraged me to keep moving forward, which I did after some time and thanks to this blog too, although most of my works were on draft because I was scared of being judged by other people who would not be able to understand my pain, that some of them might think that I was making a big deal out of those problems or that I was taking so much time to get over things but all good, writing them down helped me still.

K C S E D A R I A has gone through several revamps already, from being used as a diary of a brokenhearted teen, to the teen who was and is still hungry for picturesque places to a young lady who stayed strong in the midst of adversity and is now ready to go out of her comfort zones and share her journey with you.

This blog will not be just about the fun stuff in life, I will also write about the struggles of being in my 20’s, the lessons I learned from my experiences and share life advice too. I would like to inspire you to keep on going with life, to stand still although I am not really the perfect person to inspire you, however, I do believe that each one of us has a story to tell that could inspire other people and at least motivate them to stay strong and keep going.

No matter how chaotic a situation gets, always choose to persevere.

Happy reading!